Root Canals

Before recommending root canal therapy we collect a thorough history of any symptoms and perform an examination including dental x-rays. This aids in the accurate diagnosis of any tooth that may be suspected of needing root canal therapy.

In our root canal procedures, we make sure to use materials that are biologically compatible with our individual patients. Eeveryone is an individual that has different biological needs and different biological congruencies and incongruencies. The optimum results can be determined by tests prior to the procedure, during and after.

Our root canals are fast and comfortable thanks to the use of laser technology and biocompatible materials. If properly performed, and under normal circumstances, a root canal-treated tooth can last you a lifetime.

What is Root Canal Therapy?
Root canal therapy is a procedure that is used to save a tooth that is badly damaged or infected.

The pulp, or living part of the tooth, is made up of nerves and blood vessels. It is contained in the pulp chamber, a space inside center of the tooth which holds the pulp and extends into roots. It becomes infected or dies for a number of reasons:

  • Decay — bacteria causing tooth decay infects the pulp.
  • Trauma — a traumatic injury can cause an inflammation of the pulp.
  • Deep fillings — fillings that have to be placed close to the pulp chamber because of tooth decay or tooth fracture.
  • Unexplained — sometimes the pulp can become inflamed and can die for no apparent reason.

During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed from the “canal” inside of the root, which is then cleaned and sealed.

“After having two painful root canals with another dentist, I wasn’t feeling real good about trying another dentist. Dr. Regni restored my faith in dentists.

“He did two root canals on me. I felt no pain at all; the crown he put in is beautiful.

” Overall it has been a great experience. This is coming from someone who was afraid of the dentist.”

—Joseph Romolini.


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