Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Illness, decay or injury can damage your teeth. Damaged teeth affect your smile, speech, appearance and overall health. A chipped tooth might seem insignificant to you, but it is wise to see your dentist as soon as you can.

Avoid the temptation to delay a checkup just because you’re not feeling any pain. The full extent of the damage to your teeth cannot be determined without a proper dental examination.

At our dental office in Philadelphia, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. He will give you an honest assessment and his findings might include one or some of the following:

  • Missing teeth
  • Minor and substantial tooth decay
  • Cavities
  • Infections to the tooth
  • Sensitivity
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Fissures and other damages to the tooth structure

Dr. Regni will recommend procedures to repair your teeth and gums. It really depends on how much dental work needs to be done. Below are some of our services that are part of our restoration process.

Tooth Replacement: It’s not just for aesthetic purposes. When a tooth is missing, your remaining teeth will be subjected to more chewing, tearing and grinding food. Your teeth will wear down faster. If you put on hold replacing missing teeth, you might end up losing more. Dr. Regni replaces missing teeth with implants, bridges and dentures. He will suggest which of these will be useful for you. However, at our dental clinic, we let you have the final say!

Amalgam Filling Replacement: You might still have amalgam or silver fillings that contain Mercury. When you need these repaired, have them replaced instead. Safe and non-metallic materials are available now. Our dental team will present you with choices that include porcelain and tooth-colored composites.

Dental Crowns: Also called caps, these protect and strengthen teeth that may crack or break if not treated soon. The placement of crowns is the better option if cavities in your teeth are too large for fillings. Crowns today, match the color of real teeth. Your friends won’t be able to tell the difference.

Root Canals: Dr. Regni believes in saving a tooth as much as possible. A full examination with x-rays of your tooth will determine what procedures can be done to achieve this. He recommends a root canal when it is the only option left to save a tooth.

Forget what others have told you about root canals. At our dental office, a root canal is practically a painless event!

Dental Bonding: This procedure covers cracked or chipped teeth. Dr. Regni will recommend this to repair minor damages to your teeth. He will apply a composite resin on your tooth with an adhesive and mold it like putty so it fits perfectly on your teeth. He later trims and hardens the resin with a high-intensity light.

Full Mouth Reconstruction: When all your teeth are damaged as a result of injury or illness, you will have to undergo a full mouth reconstruction. You will go through several procedures spread over days, weeks or even months. A full-mouth reconstruction can involve dental bonding, replacement of fillings, teeth replacement and installation of crowns.

At our clinic, our priority is to bring back your teeth to their functional state. However, we are not only concerned with repairing and restoring your teeth. We make sure our procedures improve your dental and overall health.

We also do our best to restore your smile to its original condition before your illness or injury. If we can improve this in any way during your treatment, we won’t hesitate to do so! Call us now at (215)351-9399 or visit us at our dental office.


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