Tooth Whitening

Dr. Regni offers his patients this advanced, in-office whitening process. In about an hour we can whiten your teeth an average of 4-5 shades.

Ultimate Whitening is long lasting, and it is a very safe and comfortable procedure. In about 45 minutes, your smile will be much whiter and brighter.

Your teeth whitening session will start with a thorough and gentle cleaning of your teeth and gums. Next, we apply the special KöR® Whitening system gel to your teeth.

Finally, we use laser, light, chemical activation to activate the gel so it will penetrate the enamel and dentin in your teeth to remove deep stains and discoloration.Your teeth will be whiter in less than an hour from when you came in the door.

In addition to the office visit, we also offer a supply of touch-up kits and customized trays. That can add up to a lifetime of bright, white smiles.


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