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Philadelphia dentist Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. is a biological dentist, which means he uses natural and holistic methods to ensure full oral and body health. Biological dentistry is also known as natural or holistic dentistry.

Dr. Regni understands that you are more than just a set of teeth and gums. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Regni looks at the health of your whole body and its relationship to your oral health. Our office’s holistic dentistry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is more comprehensive and complete than traditional dentistry because a holistic dentist acknowledges and deals with the entire patient, not just his or her teeth.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Regni uses techniques, materials, methods and processes that are both safe and compatible with the mouth and the body. His goal is to promote your overall health through safe, natural treatment of your mouth, teeth and gums, and to enable your body to heal itself through a personally designed clinical nutrition program.

Our dedication to natural, healthy dental care means that we will take extra care to only use dental materials that are compatible with your own body chemistry, including bio-compatible fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays. We don’t use mercury amalgam (“silver”) fillings, and we can safely and rapidly replace your current amalgam fillings that could be causing you a wide variety of health problems.

Your Nutritional Health Begins in the Mouth
Because digestion actually starts in the mouth, it is vital to maintain your oral health at a high level. When your oral health is lacking, the body may not get the nutrition it needs. In turn, if the body is not operating at its best, your teeth and gums can suffer. Thus, showing the co-dependence between oral health and the body’s health, as a whole.

The connection between a healthy mouth and a healthy body is electrical as well as nutritional. The body is an electrical system, and the teeth and jaw are some of its most electrical components.

The heart sends large amounts of electricity to the jaw joints (TMJ) and teeth. The teeth are like electrical batteries connected to every organ, gland and muscle group of the body.

As you eat or drink, streams of electricity come out of the teeth, tongue and TMJ as protective immune sensors and other sensors. The electricity neutralizes anything foreign or anything that might be harmful to the body. These sensors also let the brain know what’s coming into the digestive system so that it can be prepared.

Use of Incompatible Metals in Your Mouth Can Disrupt Your Body’s Natural Electrical Flows
A serious concern in biological dentistry today is the effect that the use of “silver” amalgam fillings can have on a patient’s body. As a biological dentist, Dr. Regni will examine the extent and character of the direct electrical currents generated by the disassociation of dissimilar metals in an electrolyte media—that is, in the fluids and tissues of the human body. This is called “oral galvanism.” These currents carry disruptive metal ions to the opposite poles in these oral galvanic batteries.

How much oral galvanic power is necessary to change organic function, to change membrane permeability, to interfere with the power of thought or recall, or to initiate degenerative change? We don’t yet have a clear answer. But we do know that it does change from electronegative to electropositive. And we know that the removal of unwanted metals from your teeth can restore a more natural electrical balance to your body.

Hidden or Residual Oral Infection Can Affect Your Entire Body’s Well-being
The next area of concern in biological dentistry is that of hidden or residual infection, including areas of necrosis (dead tissue) and chronic inflammation.

This is dentistry’s most ignored area of meaningful and effective therapeutic contributions in resolving chronic disease. A focus or dental interference field is a diseased change in the soft connective tissue containing non-processable material, causing the local and general defense reactions to be in a continuous state of active conflict.

This can lead to abnormal distant effects far removed from the original source that are most often chronic in nature. Indeed, a growing number of studies document a relationship between periodontal disease and cardiovascular (heart) disease. For instance, the bacteria causing plaque buildup on your teeth can travel to other parts of your body and have been found in clogged arteries which can lead to heart attack. Relationships have also been found between infection of the gum tissue (periodontitis) and stroke.

Diagnosis and Treatment
At Dr. Regni’s office, we have the means for diagnosing oral-body problems and developing a personalized health improvement program using designed clinical nutrition. It’s called ART (Autonomic Response Testing) and CRA (Contract Reflex Analysis). By testing the body’s reflex points, we can determine the health and flow of energy in every function and part of the body. These points are derived from the ancient Chinese system of acupuncture.

Using CRA, we test for active organ or system points. Each point has meaning. Then, with designed clinical nutrition, we can correct the real cause of the problem, allowing the body to heal itself.

When deciding on substances to use in repairing your teeth, Dr. Regni uses materials reactivity testing to individualize the compatibility of dental materials used. A materials reactivity test is made from the patient’s blood serum. By examining the reaction of your tissues to the possible dental materials, Dr Regni can ensure that only materials that are compatible with your individual biochemistry are used in your treatment. The most commonly used is the Clifford Test, for which kits are available in office upon request.

Using all the knowledge and skills of probiotic (supporting life) dental medicine, biological dentists strive to provide individual biocompatibility testing and aesthetic, comfortable, functional and enduring dental artificial replacements. Biological dental treatment has the possibility of a stress reduction so great the patient loses all or many of their distressing chronic disease symptoms, which encompasses many pathological conditions.

Schedule a Biological Dental Exam for Only $190
The first step toward a healthier mouth and body is to book an appointment at our practice by calling us at 215-351-9399. Dr. Regni can design a customized treatment plan and help you achieve all your treatment goals.


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