Until recently, braces were your only option to align your teeth if you are suffering from Malocclusion (Teeth Misalignment). Braces are cheap and do the job they are created for. These however, can affect your life in many ways.

It doesn’t help that braces make people look aesthetically challenged. They can make you self-conscious although this will be the least of your problems. Braces are uncomfortable and troublesome. Eating becomes a challenge. It will be best if you steer clear of chewy food. Brushing can be tricky. And yes, forget about engaging in many sporting activities. You’ll be so concerned about being hit in your mouth you’ll end up not having any fun at all!

At our dental office, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. knows all of these very well. That’s why he always offers available alternatives to all our clients.

Invisible Aligners

You no longer need to dread metal and ceramic braces. You can say goodbye to all of those. There are new ways to treat misaligned teeth. One of these is the use of invisible aligners.

Invisible aligners are one of the latest products of innovation that can help straighten your teeth and smile! These are effective in moving your teeth back in place. If you have overcrowded or crooked teeth, gaps and problems with your bite, these aligners might just be what you need.

Invisible aligners are made of transparent plastic that is safe and non-toxic. These are custom-made for each individual. Enjoy all your favorite food! You can take these off before eating. Unlike braces, food does not get stuck to your aligners. Also, you can take these off when brushing and flossing. This allows you to thoroughly clean your teeth. Since these are made of plastic, you no longer have to deal with cuts to your tongue, gums and the insides of your mouth.

Best of all, with invisible aligners, you can smile all you want with confidence! Unless you tell, your friends won’t notice your wearing these.

Invisalign®! It is the leading invisible aligner today. Each Invisalign® aligner is designed to serve your dental needs and fit your tastes. Invisalign® has been recommended for adults, teens and children who are at least eight years old. It is comfortable and does its job of straightening your teeth.

Oh by the way, with Invisalign®, forget about pronouncing your words incorrectly.

Why Treat Misaligned Teeth?

It’s a good question you might ask. Treating malocclusion is not just for improving your smile. If your misaligned teeth are not treated, you may experience these problems.

  • If your teeth are misaligned, your bite is misaligned too. This affects how you chew food. Additional stress is placed on some of your teeth which might lead to early decay and damage.
  • You may experience frequent biting of your inner cheeks and tongue.
  • Misaligned teeth can cause speech problems like lisps.
  • You may have difficulty in cleaning your teeth which might lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Your Invisalign® treatment

During your first consultation, Dr. Regni will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth. X-rays and your dental history will be taken. If he determines that Invisalign® is appropriate for you, your teeth will be digitally scanned. Your first set of aligners will be created from this scan.

Dr. Regni will lay out your treatment plan which includes how long you have to wear your aligners. It might take a year or more depending on your needs. Your aligners will be replaced every two weeks at our dental office. Your visits will allow us to evaluate your Invisalign® treatment.

Call us at 215-351-9399 or visit us for more on our Invisalign® treatments. Find out how Invisalign® can improve your smile!


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