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Ceramic Dental Crowns

Durable, Well-Fitted & Natural Looking Crowns

High-quality dental crowns, also known as caps, are one of the key tools that Dr.Gerald Regni uses to help preserve decayed teeth and improve smiles.

As part of the complete services offered to his patients by Dr. Regni, he will provide you with a crown that is well-fitted and long-lasting. He always takes special care to make sure that he fully explains the procedure to you, and he works hard to keep you from feeling pain during the procedure.

If you need a crown, he will make sure that you receive the right type of crown, and that it fits with your natural bite. He will also use materials for your crown that are compatible with your own biochemistry as well as your preferred aesthetic choice.

All-Ceramic Crowns give you a more natural looking appearance.

Metal is a sensible choice in many situations and is the most frequently prescribed dental restorative material, especially as a bridge material for restoring molars. The added strength metal provides may be required for bruxers (people who grind their teeth) or those in contact sport (boxing and football). Unfortunately, metal often gets a bad rap which can be related to metal sensitivity, dark shadows at the gum line, and esthetics. Certain lighting conditions may also cause porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns to glow and look unnatural. While this may not affect everyone, many patients prefer the option of choosing metal-free crowns and bridges.

All-Ceramic Crowns are non-allergenic

Some people have allergic reactions to base metals. Far worse than simply not being able to wear costume jewelry, metal sensitivity in the mouth can cause irritation, bleeding of the gums, and pain. This irritation can cause gum recession and can only be remedied by the removal of the restoration. In these instances, non-allergenic metals (such as gold or titanium) or metal – free restorations can be prescribed.

All-Ceramic Crowns provide better aesthetics

Modern all-ceramic systems remove most risks of possible breakage so that choosing a metal – free restoration is a more attractive option, especially for single crowns and bridges that replace your front teeth.

More people are choosing all-ceramic restorations because of their increased beauty. These restorations eliminate the unnatural look of any visible metal (such as the dark metal ring that can appear at the gum line, or grayish – blue discolored gums from metal clasps). They also do a better job of imitating the properties of opacity and fluorescence found in natural teeth.

In most instances, all – ceramic crowns disappear in the mouth with a chameleon – like quality by transmitting adjacent and underlying tooth colors, enabling restorations to blend more naturally with surrounding natural tooth structures.


“Going to Dr. Regni was the best choice I ever made. I went to dozens of dentists in my life time when I say he is the best trust me. I had dental implants done and I didn’t even know when he was done. There was no pain throughout the whole ordeal.  He is a kind and gentle man and also his professional staff. “

-Joseph Orlando


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