Bonding for Teeth

Restoring your smile does not always mean getting a complicated procedure from our dentist. Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr.’s dental bonding in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, allows our patients to have better looking, better functioning teeth more quickly and immediately than other treatments. Find out more about dental bonding and call 215-351-9399.

Dental bonding allows our office to restore, repair and improve a patient’s smile. Bonding treatments are non-invasive and conserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. At your bonding appointment, a biocompatible resin will be applied over the surface of the tooth. This material is then molded and shaped, covering and correcting imperfections in the appearance or structure of the tooth. After the bonding material has been shaped, the putty-like material is then hardened to stabilize the restoration. The material is then cut, trimmed and polished to provide a restoration that blends in beautifully with your existing teeth.

Typically, a bonding treatment can be completed in a single visit, without needing to shave down or prepare a patient’s teeth. Our dentist may suggest this treatment if a patient has:

Gaps between teeth
Misshapen or discolored teeth
Cracks or chips in the tooth structure
If you have questions about our practice’s bonding treatments, phone or reach out to our office today!


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