Biological Testing

Dr. Gerald Regni Jr. cares about your dental and overall health. He understands the interrelationship between all parts of the human body. He not only examines your teeth and gums but also takes your medical history. At our dental office, we regard you as a separate and unique individual. And, how we serve your dental needs is different from how we serve others’. This is our approach to each of our patients.

Dr. Regni knows you have a right to be concerned about any unnatural material placed in your body. You might even want your amalgam fillings replaced now. Dr. Regni will gladly replace these with non-metal alternatives. But before you undergo any medical procedure, we should determine first which dental products and materials are compatible with your body.

Your overall health can be affected by what is placed, attached, applied or implanted in your mouth. On paper, dental materials and products used now are safe but you might be sensitive or allergic to these. These dental materials that do not affect others might be toxic to you and cause health problems. But, with biological testing, we can determine which of these materials are safe for you. Here are two tests that can check your biocompatibility with dental materials.

DNA and Blood Testing. At our dental office, we will give you a blood sampling kit which you should take to your doctor. After a blood sample is taken from you, you should send this to an independent and reputable laboratory in a pre-paid express delivery envelope. We know it is additional work on your part. But, we’re sure you understand why we cannot be involved in taking a blood sample and sending this to the laboratory.

Your blood will be tested with thousands of dental materials used today. We will learn which materials are biocompatible with you once we receive the results sent to us.

Non-Invasive Testing. We are also considering non-invasive methods of biological testing. One of these is EAV testing. Once we are confident of the accuracy and dependability of these new techniques, we will immediately adopt them and offer them as testing alternatives.

With test results in hand, Dr. Regni will inform you what dental products and materials will work with your body. Depending on your needs, he will recommend which treatment procedures and materials are best for you. He will let you decide after giving you all the information he has. What’s vital for us is that when you leave our dental office after your treatment, you remain healthy if not healthier!

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