General Dentistry

Dr. Regni and his team provides his patients with the complete dental care they need to have a healthy smile and a healthy body.

This often extends beyond traditional fillings or root canals.

While these are of course needful at times, we address the immediate dental concerns of our patients but also work to a) prevent future trouble and b) assist our patients with their overall health and wellness.

Our process begins with a thorough exam to ensure that any problem areas are spotted and that any reasons for pain or discomfort are isolated so that they may be addressed quickly.

We then look at your dental health as compared to your overall health. Using 21st century dentistry, we align our goals with our patients’ goals to develop an overall dental plan that suits their needs. This may include replacement or repair of past dentistry to remove toxic metals or repair past work that requires improvement.

We then perform a cleaning to help remove potential sources of decay in the future.

After both the cleaning and examination, we will outline a treatment plan that matches your precise needs. Dr. Regni focuses on ensuring that your plan addresses your health holistically, and he ensures that the materials he uses for your work are not harmful to your overall health. See below what dental services are available at our practice or call our office number for more information.


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