Removing and Replacing Amalgam Fillings

Overcoming and Avoiding Mercury Toxicity

Amalgam (“silver”) fillings were in common use for many years, but they are no longer necessary.

Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. has suffered from the harmful effects of mercury fillings. Because of his own experience, he has been very active in educating others on the harmful effects that these fillings can cause.

Studies have shown that over time, these fillings can release mercury vapor, which is highly toxic.

In addition, if you currently have amalgam (“silver”) fillings in your mouth, you could be suffering from mercury toxicity.

Mercury toxicity is the reaction a person has when exposed to mercury. This reaction varies, depending on your genetic inheritance. It can be categorized into five divisions: neurological (effecting emotional or motor responses), cardiovascular, collagen diseases (arthritis, lupus, bursitis, etc.), immunological and allergies.

Silver Fillings Have Been Shown to be a Source of Mercury Toxicity
In 1979, reports started to appear in research literature documenting mercury vapor released from amalgam (“silver”) fillings, especially when the fillings were stimulated by chewing, brushing or exposure to heat. In 1984, human autopsy studies were published that demonstrated that the amount of mercury found in the brain and kidney tissue was related directly to the number of mercury amalgam fillings in the teeth.

Today, there’s a growing concern in the dental profession about the use of mercury in dental fillings. In the almost 160 years silver-mercury-amalgam fillings have been used, the theory has been that the mercury was bound = with other metals, protecting the body from its dangers. These new studies are showing the flaw of this thinking.

One way to avoid mercury toxicity is to have mercury-free fillings used in restorations,. If you already have mercury amalgam fillings, removal and replacement with non-mercury-containing material can reverse some of the effects of mercury contamination. Make an appointment for amalgam filling replacement in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 215-351-9399.

After being diagnosed with severe mercury poisoning due to the breakdown of my fillings, I became more aware of the importance of a natural approach to health care. I sought out Dr. Regni. Now for well over 10 years he has been my dentist and has seen me through many issues. Dr. Gerry as my grandson refers to him, will with great care walk you through every detail of each procedure so that you have a complete understanding not just of what you need done, but why. He does so as your friend, not as a doctor talking to a patient. The warmth and hospitality I feel when I walk into their office assures me I’ve made the right choice.

—Sandra B.


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