Financial Options

To ensure that we get our relationship off to a wonderful start without misunderstandings, please take a moment to read our financial policy. If any of our policies below are unclear, please ask our staff to help you. We want all aspects of your visit here to be as comfortable as possible!


For your convenience, we accept cash, checks and credit cards (Visa, Master Card & Discover)

Easy, Comprehensive Financial Arrangements

Patients with large treatment plans may apply for financing through the Dental Fee Plan. Dental Fee Plan is an excellent choice since:

  • There is no initial payment required;
  • You can select a monthly payment that fits within your budget;
  • Your payment will not change with low, fixed rates;
  • There is no prepayment penalty and no fees to apply.
  • The application process is quick! Just a five minute phone call from our office and a decision on your application will be received in our office within 15 minutes.

Dental insurance policies

For our insured patients: In order to provide top quality dental care we cannot participate with any insurance plans or “managed care” programs. These third parties are interested in the business and not your health. Therefore we request that all patients pay for treatment at the time of service.

We are happy to process your insurance claim for you and help you get the most from your plan. Your insurance company will then send you the check for the amount specified by your contract.

Lab fee policies

For treatment involving lab fees (crowns, caps, dentures, etc): In order to cover lab costs we require half the fee before the work is sent to the lab. Remaining balances must be paid in full by the completion of this treatment. For treatment over $ 1,000.00 we are also happy to extend a book keeping courtesy of 10% when payment is made in full at the start of these services.

We are totally committed to your health. If you are also committed to reaching your goals, we can always work together to find a way for your to comfortably get the dental care you need and want. Our staff members are specially trained for that purpose. Just talk to us. We care!


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