Cosmetic Gum Shaping

Gerald Regni, DMD & Associates offer a wide range of dental treatments to give you the smile you have been dreaming of. One of the most in demand procedures we have is cosmetic gum shaping. This simple procedure can dramatically impact the look of your teeth. Meet with our dentist so you’ll understand how the procedure works and how this can change your smile. To make an appointment, simply call our number at 215-351-9399 and one of our friendly staff will answer all questions you may have about cosmetic gum shaping.

Gum surgery also known as crown lengthening or gingivectomy is a cosmetic surgery performed on patients who wish to correct excessive gum tissue. Patients who opt to have their gum reshaped are those who have gummy smiles. When you have an excess of gum tissues it will have the tendency to cover your enamel and hide your teeth making it look stunted. If you wish to correct this problem you can visit our clinic and have our dentist evaluate your teeth to determine if gum shaping is indeed the right treatment option for you.

As long as a competent and licensed dentist performs the procedure gum surgery is quick and simple and it can be completed in a single visit. When you visit our clinic, our dentist will remove excessive gum tissues and shape your gumline to make it look even. During the procedure, our expert team will work to help reduce your recovery time and speed up your healing process. Call us today to learn more about gum shaping so you can achieve the smile you have always wanted.


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