Traditional (Silver Amalgam) vs. Tooth-Colored Fillings

While metal fillings were the go-to restoration for years, it is not always the go-to choice for our modern dentist. As another option, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. provides fillings using metal-free dentistry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you are deciding between traditional and tooth-colored fillings, phone 215-351-9399 to speak with our dental team.

Often traditional treatments will use metal to provide fillings and other forms of restoration, such as dental bridges and crowns. However, at our office we strive to provide the best alternatives and options for our patients. This includes providing patients with metal-free dentistry. The use of metals—including silver amalgam fillings—have been found to have certain health risks. Metal restorations also are conspicuous and stand out, while increasing the tooth’s sensitivity to changes in temperature.

Instead of relying on metallic components or appliances, our restorations use a selection of reliable, stable materials. These are biocompatible and blend in naturally with your smile. Our practice also offers patients the option of removing their current metal amalgam restorations. After the removal of a filling, our dentist can replace it with a metal-free alternative. Our dentist can also meet with you to determine whether or not a particular filling should or should not be replaced. For more information on the the benefits of non-metal dentistry, or on the risks of metal dental materials, make an appointment or call us today!


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