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Schedule a tooth extraction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 215-351-9399! Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. avoids an extraction, or tooth removal, as much as possible. But when a tooth must go, our dentist will take steps to make sure that you feel comfortable throughout the procedure, recover quickly and that the site is healthy and able to return to full function.

Tooth loss or extraction is sometimes unavoidable and can even be necessary. However, when a tooth is removed often the bone tissue begins to be reabsorbed by the body. This can cause a host of problems, causing the face to look caved in, as well as eroding away the sturdy foundation needed by implants and dental restoration. To prevent the removal site from shrinking, our dentist may recommend that a patient come in for an extraction site preservation.

Preservation may consist of a variety of individual treatments, including a bone graft. A bone graft takes bone away from another area of your jaw or body and places it onto the area affected by tissue loss. After the site grows and heals, the resulting bone tissue will be denser and stronger than before. Once the site of the graft is stabilized, our dentist can restore the lost tooth with an implant or other form of restoration. Learn more about grafts and site preservation from our office today!

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