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The Natural Way to Solve the Jaw Misalignment Issue
As an expert in treating jaw disorders or TMJ, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. provides one of the most natural treatments you will find. His training in biological dentistry and especially in jaw alignment provides the perfect experience for handling TMJ. He has completed many advanced dental courses, including courses in orthodontics and TMJ.

TMJ means temporomandibular joint, which is the ball-and-socket joint allowing the lower jaw to move sideways and to open and close. We use it when speaking and chewing, and everybody has two of them. This joint is found about one centimeter from the front of the ears.

What Are TMJ Disorders?
TMJ disorder is a term used to describe many different conditions. They are all associated with the inflammation of the TMJ. When this joint becomes inflamed, it may cause damage and significant pain.

Some of the symptoms you may notice if you suffer from a TMJ disorder include:
• General tooth pain
• Bruxing, clenching or grinding
• Sore jaw muscles around the joints, especially when you first wake up
• Flat chewing surfaces or worn-down tooth enamel
• Sensitivity to cold or brushing your teeth
• Broken crowns, bridges or teeth for no specific reason
• Jaw joint clicks or pops when opening or closing your mouth

TMJ Diagnosis
Diagnosing TMJ is done by a specialist, such as Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr.. With proper diagnosis, treatment can be prescribed, which will help to relieve pressure, jaw pain and headaches associated with TMJ.

Multiple factors cause TMJ disorder including:
• Chronic teeth grinding or clenching
• Missing posterior teeth
• Biting on things, such as pens, paperclips, fingernails or other objects. This is also known as chronic microtrauma
• Osteochondrosys
• Osteoarthritis, infectious arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
• Structural discrepancies leading to postural difficulties
• Whiplash from a trauma, such as a fall or car accident
• Nutritional deficiencies
• Microbes or parasites
• Heredity

Many of the causes of TMJ disorder cause a change in the relationship within the joint. An imbalance or misalignment happens, which puts stress on the apparatus of the joint. This leads to pain and breakdown. Damage may be caused before the pain actually appears.

Call 215-351-9399 for a full diagnosis from one of our doctors, and a treatment plan will be put together to handle your TMJ disorder.

Treating TMJ
TMJ treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will help to relieve the compression and the misalignment of the jaw. Every situation may be a bit different and some of the treatment plans may include:
• Evening out your bite to put an end to grinding
• Antibiotics put directly into the joints to help with inflammation and eliminate bacteria
• Changes in diet to get rid of parasites and microbes
• A bite guard at night to help prevent teeth grinding
• Nutritional supplements to help remove toxins and help with maintaining proper positioning of your jaw.

After your full examination at our dental office, you will be informed of the full treatment plan for you. We provide TMJ treatment correctly and give you the relief you desire.

I came in with chronic jaw problems and unsure how dental issues were affecting my overall health. Dr. Regni was very instructive and explained everything. I now have hope that I can feel better.
—Linda C.

I thought no one was going to help me with the pain I was experiencing with my jaw until I met Dr. Regni. He promised me he could help. It took time and patience, but with supplements, a retainer, and love my jaw is finally getting back to normal. Love Everybody!
—Alexis R.

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