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Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr.’s biological root canals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provide a way to preserve our patients’ teeth. While portions of the tooth may need to be removed, this treatment also allows our dentist to conserve as much of the structure as possible. Learn more about root canals and how they can repair your smile at 215-351-9399.

If the internal structure of the tooth has been damaged, root canals are an effective way to treat the source of the problem. One of the most common endodontic (dental pulp) procedures, root canals are designed to repair serious infection or damage to the inside of the tooth beyond the surface enamel. Without treatment, this damage can lead to the death of the tooth. To prevent this and subsequent tooth extraction, our dentist can isolate and removed damaged dental structure. The remaining healthy dental tissue will then be cleaned and treated with a topical medication. To complete the smile, a restoration will be rehabilitate the dental site. Given time, the patient will be able to smile, eat and drink normally.

In many instances, a root canal treatment can be finished in either one or two visits to our office. And despite the general reputation of root canals, our practice can help make sure your visits are completed with minimal discomfort—with the help of modern technology, tools and forms of anesthesia. Find out more about this safe treatment by speaking with our practice today!

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