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Our laser therapy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, allows our dentist to provide patients with better, less aggressive care. This procedure is non-invasive and can effectively treat tooth decay and other dental issues while allowing the body to heal more easily. Have Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. answer your questions about laser therapy by calling for a consultation at 215-351-9399 now.

Laser dentistry provides our patients with the latest in modern care. As an alternative to traditional oral surgery, laser treatments provide a more comfortable, less invasive experience. This technology is used in a variety of dental and oral treatments. Some common results from laser dentistry include:

  • Heal canker sores
  • Cure cold sores
  • Reshape gum tissue
  • Accelerate a teeth whitening treatment
  • Harden and stabilize a restoration or filling
  • Isolate and get rid of damaged dental tissue
  • Treat the symptoms of periodontal (gum) disease by clearing away microbial buildup or damaged tissue

Many of the treatments that use laser dentistry can be completed without the use of an anesthetic. These treatments can also encourage healing, minimize bleeding, lower post-procedure risks and decrease the overall treatment time. Our team works continuously to keep up to date on the latest advances in dental care and education. To learn more about laser dentistry and other dental technology, reach out to us today!

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