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Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. practices natural dentistry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a technique that uses natural and holistic methods to ensure full oral and body health. Natural or holistic dentistry is also known as biological dentistry.

For over 23 years, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. has been using healthy, natural methods to treat tooth decay, gum disease and every sort of malfunction of the teeth, mouth, gums and jaw.


“As a biological dentist, I take the whole person approach to disease and wellness. By relating disease not as one entity but as encompassing a multitude of methodolgies in diagnosis and treatment, I am able to develop a treatment regimen specifically designed to bring you to optimal overall health.”

—Dr. Gerald Regni


With extensive research and training in the fields of biological dentistry and implant dentistry, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. is able to bring to his patients a healthy alternative to conventional dental treatment.

By using an approach that examines the body as a whole, not just individual parts, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. is able to discover and treat the cause of problems, not just the symptoms. The result is a long-lasting and healthy solution to your dental problems, and improved health and wellbeing for your entire body.

Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. provides comprehensive dental services for all of your family’s needs using holistic principles, designed to keep your family’s full health in mind.


What Is Natural (Holistic) Dentistry?

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. considers your entire wellbeing when he is treating your mouth.  He’s careful to use only materials that your body can accept easily and that promote and improve your overall health while repairing any damage to your teeth and gums.


Replacing Mercury Fillings

Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. himself suffered from the harmful effects of having mercury fillings. Because of his own experience, he has been very active in educating others on the harmful effects that these fillings can cause. Studies have shown that over time, these fillings can release mercury vapor, which is highly toxic.

Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. uses state-of-the-art equipment to safely remove your amalgam (“silver”) fillings without allowing mercury or mercury vapor to enter your system.  These fillings will be safely replaced with fillings that are compatible with your body’s chemical make-up.


Gum Disease and Its Effects on the Body

Our dentist can treat all stages of gum disease, from early or mild cases to those that are more severe.  The health of your gums is important not only to ensure the health and retention of your teeth, but to your overall health as well. Gum disease has been shown to impact the risk for both heart disease and stroke.


Biocompatible Fillings

When your teeth require fillings, our dentist will make sure that the materials he uses to fill your teeth are compatible with your personal biology, and that they will not create later harmful effects on your body. Amalgam “silver” fillings, which contain highly-toxic mercury, will not be used.


Schedule a Complete Biological Exam for $190

Let Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. provide you with a thorough biological dental exam designed to locate and examine the effects of your oral health on your body. Our dentist will diagnose oral-body problems and work with you to develop a personalized health improvement program. He will carefully examine your mouth, teeth and gums, isolating solutions to problems related to your overall health as well as your dental health. By testing the body’s reflex points, our dentist will determine the health and flow of energy in every function and part of the body. These points are derived from the ancient Chinese system of acupuncture. Contact us today at 215-351-9399 to book your initial consultation.



Just a few brief words for someone looking for an excellent dentist.  If you are looking for a traditional dentist with extremely high quality craftsmanship, few places can match Dr. Regni and Associates.  Moreover, if you desire holistic dentistry then Dr. Regni can supply you with the complete holistic experience.  With his wealth of knowledge, you will receive the perfect compliment for your dental needs.

—L. M.

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