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You can count on our office and team to determine which treatment options work best for you. Every patient is unique and has a different reaction to dental materials. Along with your medical history, it is important for Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. to determine your body’s potential response to dental materials. Biological testing allows our practice to make decisions that best fit your needs.

These tests make sure that our practice uses products that work with your body, not against it. We understand that some patients can react negatively to certain dental ingredients and materials. Biological testing allows our office to determine which materials your body does or does not reject. This is important, as certain substances can become harmful or even toxic to some patients. When certain individuals come in contact with substances, potentially harmful byproducts of the body can lead to serious illness. Whether you are allergic or just especially sensitive to a material, our dentist can avoid potentially damaging ingredients and instead identify biocompatible materials before any dental procedure even begins.

For dentistry that takes all your needs into account, make an appointment with our dentist and ask about our biological testing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 215-351-9399. Our dentist can answer your questions about our testing and biocompatible treatments and arrange for biocompatability testing.

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