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Root canal therapy is not easily recommended. First, we gather a full history of your symptoms and perform a full examination with dental X-rays. This helps us to diagnose any tooth issues accurately before recommending root canal therapy.

When we perform a root canal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we ensure only materials biologically compatible with each patient are used. Everybody is a bit different and your needs may be different than those of another patient. We perform tests before the procedure to help ensure optimum results.

Our root canal procedure is performed in a comfortable way and it’s done quickly. We use laser technology and biocompatible materials to ensure the procedure is performed properly. When done correctly, the treatment will last a lifetime.


What Is the Root Canal Therapy Procedure?

When a root canal is prescribed by our dentist, it’s used to help save a tooth with a significant amount of damage. The tooth may even be infected.

Often the pulp, which is the living part of the tooth, becomes infected or dies. This happens for a number of reasons, including:

  • Trauma – An injury may have caused inflammation to the pulp.
  • Decay – As a tooth decays; it may become infected by bacteria in the pulp.
  • Deep Fillings – When a filling is put in too close to the pulp chamber, it may cause the tooth to fracture or decay.
  • Unexplained – There are cases where the pulp dies or becomes infected with no real explanation.

When a root canal procedure is performed, the pulp and nerve are removed from the canal found within the root. Then it is cleaned and sealed.

In order to determine if a root canal is needed, schedule an exam and X-rays with Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. today! You can check our online specials to find discount coupons on examinations. Call 215-351-9399 for more information!



I came into Dr.Regni’s office with a molar that was chipped and had a deep cavity. The chipped area had been exposed to the nerve/root causing a great deal of pain. Inevitably Dr. Regni suggested a root canal. He was able to get rid of the infection, and explained the process as we went along with the procedure. Each part of the process was pain free which was my biggest fear. I am thankful that I am able to move on, and hope that in the future it will continue to be pain free. One word to describe this office is friendly.

—Kristen A.

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