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Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr., trusted in general, pediatric and cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provides tooth-colored fillings using a biocompatible dental composite. For large restorations, he may use an inlay or onlay. Inlays and onlays are a type of restoration that is used to repair a broken-down tooth, for large cavities, or to replace an existing large filling. Inlays are designed for tooth damage affecting the indented portion of the top of the tooth and onlays are for more extensive damage.

Advantages Over Amalgam Fillings
Amalgam (“silver”) fillings were in common use for many years, but they are no longer necessary. Studies have shown that over time, these fillings can release mercury vapor, which is highly toxic. Because studies have linked mercury toxicity to neurological, cardiovascular and immunological disorders, as well as collagen diseases (arthritis, lupus, bursitis, etc.), and allergies, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr., a responsible cosmetic dentist, does not use them with his patients.

Biocompatible fillings provide tooth-colored fillings that blend naturally with your teeth, especially when they are expertly color-matched. Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. is excellent at making sure that your fillings match your teeth and are aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, as silver does not stick to teeth, healthy tooth structure is usually removed to keep an amalgam filling in place. Composites permit our dentist to remove only the decayed area of your tooth. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite bonding expands just like your teeth and are much less likely to cause cracks in your tooth. Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. etches, primes and bonds the material to the tooth, increasing the strength of the tooth rather than decreasing it.

Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings
Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. uses the very latest technology to allow the safest removal and replacement of mercury-containing fillings.

I originally came to Dr. Regni in 2007 after reading about the harm my amalgam fillings were doing to my body. I wanted them removed and replaced with something non-reactive. Dr. Regni was the only doctor that I found in the tri-state area who has all the necessary equipment to do this safely without releasing the harmful mercury vapor further in to my body. I was very surprised at how comfortable the experience was. Dr. Regni has a very calming demeanor and steady hand that kept me relaxed. Because of this, I don’t mind driving 45 minutes to get to see him when there are hundreds of other dentists along the way. I have also referred my patients to him and they all say the same. Dr. Regni is highly recommended in my book!
—Dr. Jeff W., chiropractor

After begin diagnosed with severe mercury poisoning due to the breakdown of my fillings, I became more aware of the importance of a natural approach to health care. I sought out Dr. Regni. Now for well over 10 years he has been my dentist and has seen me through many issues. Dr. Gerry as my grandson refers to him, will with great care walk you through every detail of each procedure so that you have a complete understanding not just of what you need done, but why. He does so as your friend, not as a doctor talking to a patient. The warmth and hospitality I feel when I walk into their office assures me I’ve made the right choice.
—Sandra B.

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