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Crowns, or caps, are a high-quality choice provided by Philadelphia dentist Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr.. They are used to help improve smiles and preserve decayed teeth.

Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. offers a complete service for dental crowns in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are long-lasting, well-fitted and will help to restore your smile. He will take special care to ensure the procedure is fully explained and you remain as pain-free as possible during the entire procedure.

When you choose our dentist, he will develop the right crown for you. The crown will be fitted to you and will provide you with a natural bite once again. He only uses compatible materials in your crown. All materials will fit with your biochemistry and your preferred aesthetics.

A More Natural Look With All-Ceramic Crowns
Using an all-ceramic traditional or dental implant-supported crown, you will gain a more natural look. While metal is often used for crowns, it may cause sensitivity or discoloration.

With an all-ceramic crown, there’s no metal sensitivity. However, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns may glow under specific lighting conditions.

All-Ceramic Crowns Provide a Non-Allergenic Option
If you struggle to wear costume jewelry due to a metal sensitivity, you may benefit from a metal crown. It may cause bleeding of the gums, pain and irritation within your mouth.

The irritation may cause your gums to recede, which can only be remedied by removing the crown. In these cases, a non-allergenic metal, such as titanium or gold may be prescribed.

Better Aesthetics from All-Ceramic Crowns
With all-ceramic crowns, you not only gain a more natural look, but you also get a non-allergenic choice with better aesthetics. The modern systems provide a very attractive option as they remove most of the risks of breakage. They are especially popular for single bridges and crowns and with front teeth.

Often the all-ceramic option is chosen for the beauty it provides. It may the best option to restore your smile to the natural look you expect. They will also imitate natural teeth better in many types of lighting.

Most of the time, all-ceramic crowns will act as a chameleon in the mouth and completely disappear. They will just become a part of the teeth and become undetectable in pictures and in everyday life.

Have your smile evaluated to explore the different cosmetic options available to you for a beautiful smile. Get all your questions answered by calling 215-351-9399 and scheduling a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. today!

Everyone at the dental office was great! From the moment I walked into the office I felt cared for. The visit was fast and easy and most important, it was painless. Thank you!
—Hector V.

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