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Looking for a better, healthier smile? If you have experienced illness, decay or injury that has damaged your smile, phone 215-351-9399 for a dental restoration in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our dentist, Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr., and his team can plan your restoration and guide you through whichever treatment works best for you.

With dental restoration, our patients can again enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile. Our office is proud to offer a wide range of treatments that treat our patients’ wide range of needs. We provide restoration for patients suffering from:

  • A missing tooth or multiple missing teeth
  • Minor tooth decay, including cavities
  • Substantial tooth decay
  • Infection to the inner tooth
  • Sensitivity
  • Cracks, fissures or other damage to the structure of the tooth

Whether restoring a portion of the dental structure or providing a complete replacement for a lost tooth, our dentist and our team can give you a beautiful smile. Each restoration is designed to accommodate the individual patient, fitting within the mouth comfortably and functioning like a normal tooth. Restorations are also made to be discreet, blending in with our smile and providing a natural-looking appearance.

If you have significantly damaged teeth, or have lost one or multiple teeth, we invite you to come to our office today to see how we can help repair your smile. For a list of our restorative services, take a look below.

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