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Veneers are just one of the ways that our dentist can improve the appearance of your smile. Our porcelain veneers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are a discreet way to improve the appearance of one or multiple teeth. Meet with Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. for a veneer treatment and schedule at 215-351-9399.


Free Consultation

For dental bonding and veneers, our practice provides patients with a free consultation. Our dentist can go over these treatments and how they can affect your smile.


Benefits of Choosing Veneers

Dental veneers are made to function and look like natural teeth. Unlike natural teeth, veneers resist discoloration and everyday wear and tear. With each treatment, our dentist will provide you with a high-quality restoration that is custom-fitted to the patient’s individual needs.


Dental Bonding

Dental bonding allows our dentist to fix and brighten your smile. Using a tooth-colored resin along with a bonding agent, this treatment can conceal a wide variety of flaws that affect the teeth. With each bonding, our office will shape and mold the tooth to blend in with your natural smile before curing and setting the material using a safe, high-intensity light source. Learn more about the benefits of dental bonding and contact our office today!


Dental Bonding vs. Dental Veneers

While both bonding and veneers are great choices for patients, they do have different advantages. Both are quick, non-invasive treatments that can quickly improve your smile. Bonding treatments are generally more affordable than veneers but can be liable to discoloration and staining. We also may recommend veneers over bonding when fixing chips or broken off enamel.



“Friendly and attentive staff! Dr. Regni’s office makes going to the dentist an enjoyable experience. My teeth have never looked better. You will definitely leave smiling”

—Laura B.

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