Scaling And Root Planning

Scaling And Root Planning

Though our dentist and his team do their best to help prevent gum disease, our practice is also adept at treating symptoms as they occur. Make an appointment for scaling and root planing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and have us treat your periodontal symptoms. Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr.’s office is available at 215-351-9399 to schedule and answer your call.

Our scaling and root planing treatments are an effective way to treat and prevent the spread of periodontal infections, also commonly known as gum disease. These treatments clean and clear away plaque, tartar and bacterial deposits that are found deep within the gumline. By isolating and removing these sources of buildup, our dentist can stop gum disease from worsening.

By combining both scaling and root planing treatments, our dentist can provide you with effective results.

During the scaling procedure, plaque is removed from the surface of the enamel. During the root planing procedure, the roots of the teeth are smoothed, removing microbial deposits. Both treatments can often be performed without an anesthetic, though they may be offered for the comfort of the patient. And while the scaling and planing appointment may be completed in one visit, it also can be completed over the course of several visits, each visit focusing on a particular area of the mouth. Alongside scaling and root planing, our dentist may also recommend other periodontal treatments or procedures, including prescribing antibiotics.

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