Dental Implant Recovery

It will take time to recover after you undergo a dental implant surgery. How long will it take will depend on the number of implants placed and your general condition. The speed of your recovery will also depend on your strict observance of our postoperative instructions.

Dr. Gerald Regni, Jr. has your quick recovery and well-being in mind. If you follow his advice, your mouth will heal faster and you’ll soon return to your regular routine.

Your Diet

Your food intake will be limited and selective. Right after your surgery, drink lots of fluids and avoid hot beverages. Dr. Regni will instruct you to go on a soft diet for the next few days. A temporary crown will be placed on your implant. However, do not chew over it.

You might get hungry more often as you shift to a soft diet. Resist the temptation to eat your favorite snacks such as cookies, popcorn and chips. These might irritate the healing tissue around your implants. Remember, you want a speedy recovery and a return to your normal diet soon.


Dr. Regni will prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain medication. Antibiotics might also be added to prevent infection. Take these when prescribed. Remember to inform Dr. Regni of any other medicines you are taking. Some drugs cannot be taken with pain or anti-inflammatory medication.

Proper Oral Care

Avoid rinsing your mouth right after surgery. Dr. Regni might recommend the use of a mouthwash before you go to bed. You may brush your teeth but take extra care around your implants. Allow the area around them to heal.

The next day, rinse your mouth with warm salt water every two to three hours. One teaspoon of salt will be enough for an eight-ounce cup of water. You should continue this for the next few days. After a week, you only need to rinse your mouth after meals and before going to bed. Dr. Regni will inform you how long to do this.

Bleeding and Swelling

Prevent any form of contact to your implants and surrounding areas. However, if gauze has been placed after surgery, you will have to replace this if there is still some bleeding. Be extra-careful when placing new gauze. Keep on replacing until bleeding totally stops.

Aside from medication, you can minimize swelling by applying an ice pack on the area of your check closest to your implants. Do this regularly for the next two days.

Bleeding and swelling are normal after an implant surgery. Call us immediately at 215-351-9399 if you experience continuous bleeding and swelling after two days.

Physical Activity

After your surgery, it is best to take the rest of the day off. Relax and take it easy. Do not operate heavy machinery. Avoid strenuous activities for the next few days. Any stressful activity might cause bleeding.

Other Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Dentures and other oral appliances should not be worn right after surgery. Dr. Regni will advise you when these can be used.
  2. If you smoke, minimize or preferably stop. It’s bad for your health anyway. Nicotine damages your teeth.
  3. Do not drink alcohol for a few days after surgery. Your wounds might not heal faster.
  4. Place a comfortable pillow under your head when sleeping. As much as possible avoid lying on the side where your implants are.
  5. Resist the urge to feel your implants and surrounding areas with your tongue. This might dislodge your implants.

Placement of your dental implants is just a step towards the installation of your permanent crowns. Following these instructions will ensure your mouth quickly heals and be ready for your new teeth.

If you have any questions or other concerns, please call us at 215-351-9399.


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