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Natural-looking, Custom-fitted Dentures

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Gaining Your Quality of Life Back

Modern dentistry allows you to gain your quality of life back by restoring your natural smile with dentures. The right dentures and dental procedure will allow you to get the look you desire.

About one in four adults older than 60 need full or partial dentures to keep up the function and look of their teeth. Dr. Gerald Regni, a Philadelphia Dentist, provides three decades of experience with full and partial dentures of the highest quality. He makes sure they fit perfectly and delivers a comfortable choice without pain.

Dentures will stay in place and won’t move when you eat. They are custom-made to fit your specific needs and only made of the highest quality materials. Our dentures look natural and provide a durable solution.

We ensure the full or partial dentures you receive will be the right size, shape and color. They will look real and provide you with a natural bite for better tooth function. We want you to feel comfortable and get back to normal eating.

No More Chewing Problems, Soreness, Pain or Denture Slippage

When you get full or partial dentures that don’t fit right, they may cause major issues. You may suffer from pain, denture slippage, soreness or chewing problems. When you choose Dr. Regni, you get the best possible technology and an experienced staff to ensure a perfect fit.

Denture problems may cause poor bite and alignment. When this happens, it’s like a domino effect and you suffer from pain in your jaw and teeth. Dr. Regni will ensure your dentures are fully aligned to fit with any remaining teeth. You will gain a more attractive smile and you won’t have to worry about premature wrinkles around the corners of your mouth and lips.

Stabilizing your Dentures with Implants

When the situation calls for it, Dr. Regni will use full dental implants to help stabilize your dentures. This provides many added benefits including deterring bone loss in your mouth. If you lose bone density in your mouth, it may cause difficulties with your dentures and jaw problems. It could even cause your face to have a sunken look to it.

Dr. Regni provides expertise in placing and crafting implants for your situation. Your implants will help to secure your implant-supported dentures and give you the most natural feel and fit possible.

Mini Implants

Another option Dr. Regni may prescribe is called mini implants. These implants consist of small titanium implants, which will act as the root of your teeth. They also have an O-ring incorporated into the base of the dentures.

Mini implants provide a stable choice and help to prevent slipping. Your dentures will stay in place unless you want to remove them.

With mini implants, you gain long-term support to the structure of your dentures. They are highly effective and help to secure lower dentures the best. Dr. Regni can place your mini implants in our office and the procedure is simple.

To find out if dentures and/or implants are the best options for you, schedule a free implant consultation with Dr. Regni today!


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“A great doctor, a caring stuff, I can’t thank you enough for helping me be able to smile again.

“Bless you all”

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