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The Application of Kinesiology in Dentistry

By Gerald Regni, DMD on July 30, 2016

Many Holistic dentists have incorporated the use of kinesiology in their practices to treat a number of dental conditions and to improve their patients overall physical health. This is basically an energy system that enables dentists to see what is going on with their patients within their mouths and bodies so they can recommend the proper treatment. Best of all, the testing is easy to perform, completely painless, and won’t increase the patient’s exam costs.

What is Kinesiology and its Application in Dentistry?

In the simplest of terms, the science of kinesiology is a form of testing system that helps dentists determine what is happening below the surface in the human energy system. Basically, everything impacts or influences our energy systems. Conversely, these systems affect everything else as well. If the dentist can determine what is happening within our energy systems, he or she can find out why we get sick. Furthermore, it can help them determine how dentistry can negatively or positively impact a patient’s health. This is an important aspect of holistic dentistry.

How does it Work?

One of the more common first steps involved in using kinesiology in the field of dentistry is to test a person’s bite stress levels. The dentist will have the patient close their upper and lower teeth together in order to determine if that is creating a disturbance within their energy system. Starting with their mouths open, the dentist begins by testing any strong body muscle such as in the arm, a finger, or the hand.

Then the dentist has the patient close their jaws to see if there is a decrease in muscle strength. The muscle that is being tested will go down, even if the slightest pressure is applied. This is typically an indication that numerous muscles along the spine are extremely tense and an imbalance has occurred simply because the patient closed their jaw. This spinal tension along with tension in other areas of the body produces a decrease in the flow of energy.

The dentist can actually see the decrease in muscle strength, but worst case scenario, it is only temporary. Consequently, the more bodily tension that exists, the more their bodily energy flow is restricted. Therefore, the more the energy flow is restricted, the more susceptible an individual is to pain, discomfort, diseases, and a variety of other complications and conditions.

Can this be performed on all Patients?

Unfortunately, this energy testing system cannot be performed on all patients as there are those with certain issues or are otherwise subject to specific conditions attributed to compression disorders or wear patterns. In these types of cases, there are always some forms of stress induced or stress related issues that have been a factor since they were children. By using kinesiology in their dental practice, the patient may learn how to control what is happening.

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