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A Cosmetic Dentist Offer Different Ways to Improve a Cracked Tooth

By Gerald Regni, DMD on January 08, 2016

For most people, how their teeth looks matter, especially if they are to face people every day. That’s why it’s almost unnerving, aside from being painful, for people to have one of their teeth chipped or cracked.


Depending on the severity of your cracked or chipped tooth, you may be dealing with mild or severe pain, or you may simply be worried about your teeth’s appearance and your ability to speak clearly. Thankfully, a cosmetic dentist may recommend one or several different treatment options to remedy your issue and bring back your confidence in showing your smile.


A veneer is a thin material that is affixed to the front of the tooth, and it can be customized so that it is the same size, shape and color as the original healthy tooth. Essentially, nobody will be able to tell that your tooth has been damaged.


Bonding is another solution that is closely related to a veneer. With this option, a liquid material is affixed to the tooth, and it hardens to take on the look and shape of the original tooth. The result is similar to that of a veneer.


When damage to the tooth is more significant, a crown may be needed. A crown is ideal when damage does not impact the root or pulp of the tooth and when the damage is extensive but superficial. The damaged area can be whittled down, and the crown will be adhered over the top of the existing tooth. The root remains intact, and the crown covers most of the entire visible exterior surface of the tooth.


When the damage to the tooth is so significant that the tooth needs to be pulled, an implant is a feasible solution. This surgically replaces the existing tooth with a new tooth that looks like the previous one. Often, the process of getting the implant will take several months to complete as the bone will need to heal and grow around the new tooth.

Your cosmetic dentist can provide you with additional information about the condition of your tooth and about potential treatment options that may be recommended for you. All these cosmetic dentistry procedures are offered among Philadelphia dentists, like Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD.


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