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Can Youngsters Undergo Dental Implant Surgery? Here Are Some Insights

By Gerald Regni, DMD on August 04, 2015

Children undergo a variety of injuries as they grow up. These may range from simple scraped knees to knocked out teeth. Also referred to as an avulsed tooth by dentists, a knocked out tooth is considered a serious dental emergency, more so if the tooth that got knocked out is a primary one. On that note, a good number of parents tend to ask if their kids can safely get dental implants at such a young age.

Dental Implant Surgery

The answer can be complicated. Patients must satisfy a number of requirements before they can get standard dental implants. As long as the candidate has enough bone density in the jaw and is not suffering from several medical conditions, he is usually qualified to undergo the procedure. This is where things get tricky.

While experts contend that no age is too old for implants, they point out that there may be an age range that’s too young. For the patient to possess enough bone density that can support the implant, he must have a fully developed jaw. This typically happens when a child reaches 17 or 18 years of age. If the jawbone is still immature, the continued growth and development may cause the implants to be displaced.

Ways exist, however, which can determine whether or not a patient’s jawbone is up to the task of harboring a dental implant. The 17/18-year-old “age limit” is not a set number. After all, different people have different jawbone maturity rates (e.g. complete development of the jawbone happens earlier for females). For this, professionals use x-rays to know if the patient’s bone structure is developed enough for implants, regardless of age. In some cases, even children (provided their bone structures are already matured enough) qualify for dental implants.

In the event that a youngster is deemed still too fragile for a dental implant procedure, there are several alternatives available. A respected dentist from Philadelphia such as Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD may recommend a dental bridge or another more appropriate restorative option for your child as a temporary solution. Once the jawbone of your child finishes developing, your child’s dentist will be more than happy to facilitate a safe implantation.


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