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Holistic Dentistry: Here’s Why Your Dentist Should Be Practicing It

By Gerald Regni, DMD on July 15, 2015

Many dental practice websites proudly publicize that they also engage in holistic dentistry as part of their professional services, the viewpoint that promotes the health and wellness of the whole body as opposed to simply treating the dental symptoms. This practice considers a much more inclined approach to the wellness of both mind and body, not just the mouth and teeth.

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Generally speaking, oral health is indeed an extension of overall healthcare, and because all parts of the body are interconnected as well as interdependent, practicing a holistic approach to dentistry actually makes a whole lot of sense. It essentially combines the technologies and best clinical applications of Western dental medicine with a vast range of practices beyond its horizon.

Holistic dentistry, also known as biological or natural dentistry by implication, extends a farther reach than regular dentistry practiced by conventional dentists, and the benefits it offers are far more appealing. This is because the examination of the body as a whole and not just its individual parts enables your dentist in Philadelphia to diagnose and treat the root causes of problems rather than the presented symptoms alone.

Another benefit is that they would be careful to only use dental materials that won’t pose a risk to your overall health. For example, silver fillings have been found to possess some amounts of mercury, which is potentially toxic when its vapor is released into the system, so rather than take the risk, the dentist would simply fill the cavity with bio-compatible fillings.

With the exception of the holistic approach, there isn’t really any difference between the natural dentist and the regular dentist. They still treat inflamed gums, infected tissue and other teeth problems.

Of course these practitioners and their philosophy are a very important part of healthcare since many cases of chronic illnesses like heart disease and obesity have been linked to oral health deficiencies. In such cases, you could actually save yourself the stress of scheduling appointments with two different professionals, since one can do both.

If you’re thinking of switching over to a dental practice here in Philadelphia, you could immensely benefit from a vastly experienced dentist like Gerald Regni DMD where clinical practices are designed to not just treat the mouth but also working to sustain life or at the very least, improve the patient’s quality of life.


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