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Have a Trusted Cosmetic Dentist Apply Fillings for a Better Smile

By Gerald Regni, DMD on June 18, 2015

Teeth are surprisingly tough. However, they do have their limits. If you’re not careful with your teeth, plaque and tartar can accumulate and cause problems in the oral cavity. Plaque are bacteria that feed on the sugar remnants in your mouth, after which they release acidic waste directly on the teeth. If left untreated, this will lead to the development of cavities.

Have a Trusted Cosmetic Dentist Apply Fillings for a Better Smile

Having holes in your teeth would make them look unsightly, not to mention make it more difficult for you to consume food and drinks. Thankfully, a skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD can help Philadelphia residents suffering from cavities.

The Reason for Fillings

Cavities can make you hesitate to smile. Affected teeth can turn black or yellow and are considered quite bad to look at. Normally, you’d want to get rid of these; however, if you have affected permanent teeth extracted, they won’t grow back. Although dental implants and dentures are available, you may still hesitate in going for permanent removal.

This is where fillings come in. If the cavities are not widespread, the right use of fillings can restore a tooth into looking like its original state. A good cosmetic dentist can clean out the cavities of rotten material and disinfect them to stop further decay. After that, the fillings are applied; these would provide greater protection to the teeth and stop bacteria from entering. Also, fillings aren’t just for tooth decay; they can be used when teeth are damaged or cracked.

Types of Fillings

Depending on how bad the damage is, and considering your needs and budget, there are different types of fillings available. First, there are gold fillings; easy to mold into the needed shape, gold also happens to be highly durable and hard to tarnish. Some gold fillings have been known to last for two decades. A potential problem is they can have a high price tag.

Second, there are silver amalgam fillings which are very resistant to wear. However, they are as noticeable as gold fillings and might not look good on some individuals.

Finally, there are composite and porcelain fillings that look like natural teeth and are often used on the front to give the illusion of naturalness.

Consult First

Your choice of fillings can be narrowed down through a consultation with your Philadelphia dentist. After all, a professional would know what’s best to use for your particular situation. Additionally, cosmetic dentistry also provides other options on how to repair a damaged tooth, like veneers and crowns.



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