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The Value of Consulting a Holistic Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia

By Gerald Regni, DMD on May 18, 2015

When experiencing pain in a tooth or the mouth, the first instinct for many is to dismiss it as insignificant. Shockingly, there could be plenty of other issues outside of the mouth that are causing the discomfort. Seeing an emergency dentist in Philadelphia who is educated in the treatment of your overall health will provide a better defense against whatever is going on.

The Value of Consulting a Holistic Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia

Visiting an emergency dentist who can provide a natural and holistic viewpoint will allow you to see the bigger picture in your situation. Pains in the mouth have been linked for a time to medical problems that can be more serious than a toothache. Using this approach attempts to better the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Seeing someone knowledgeable could potentially save your life.

Heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis are just three of many somewhat common issues that could be causing difficulties in your gums or teeth as a side effect and a sign. Sores in the mouth and warts or other growths are common with people affected by HIV or heart disease. Further, diabetes has been linked to those with gum disease. If you feel anything out of the ordinary, have it checked just to be sure.

Consult someone who approaches his or her practice in a holistic manner and will look for ways to treat and maintain your dental health with your whole body in mind, such as Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD. Emergency dentists like Dr. Regni offer general/family, pediatric, and cosmetic dentistry consultations and treatments with a holistic and natural approach. So you are assured of a dental checkup that presents a different perspective of your health.

Materials and procedures used will benefit your individual wellbeing and tolerances after performing tests to find out what your body reacts to and how to further the treatments in the most conscious manner. A large concern for these dentists, for instance, is the mercury level in the average cavity filling and how it relates to your overall health and the environment.

When so much is at stake, consider a Philadelphia emergency dentist who has your overall welfare in mind. Choose one with whom you see yourself feeling comfortable sharing personal information as your visit will include more than your toothache. Sources:

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