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Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia: Holistic Approaches in Dentistry

By Gerald Regni, DMD on March 13, 2015


In the field of dentistry, the difference between the types of dentists can be quite vague nowadays, especially with certain developments that overlap each procedure. Regular checkups and restorative treatments are all covered under general or family dentistry. Meanwhile, specific treatments like whitening and filling may well be provided by a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia.

Dental Xray

As the name suggests, cosmetic dentistry relatively concerns the improvement of the patient’s smile, teeth, and mouth while being able to restore and repair damaged teeth as well. Cosmetic dentists like Gerald Regni, DMD employ an approach called holistic or natural dentistry wherein biocompatible materials are used, which are compatible with the patient’s body type and will do no harm. Natural cosmetic dentists design treatment plans that will suit the appearance of the patient’s teeth and may improve overall well-being as well.

Holistic Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

Among cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening is the most popular application for its ability to remove and brighten teeth stained and discolored due to smoking, drinks, and plaque from poor oral hygiene. For broken or cracked teeth, cosmetic dentists perform cosmetic bonding wherein composite material is shaped and hardened on the affected tooth’s enamel to repair the breakage. Although known to be the most expensive treatment, it is as efficient as a dental implant where the entire tooth is replaced with a prosthetic one.

Because of the complexity of dental implants, having this procedure is mostly for the replacement of missing teeth only. Patients who lost their teeth due to traumatic injuries or oral diseases have the chance to eat and drink again with implants for they function and feel like the original. Dental implants are most often preferred rather than dentures and bridges for their convenience of not having to be removed every so often.

Unlike the traditional cosmetic approach, holistic dentists practicing cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia substitute conventional materials with more biological or ecological alternatives to prevent further health risks. More dental communities, because of the proven capabilities of helping improve a person’s overall health, are slowly accepting holistic methods in different fields of dentistry. Whether for implants or bleaches, natural cosmetic dentists will bring the desired results with a long-term effect on the body.

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