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Dental Implants in Philadelphia Return Smiles of Tooth Decay Victims

By Gerald Regni, DMD on February 20, 2015

It was too late when you discovered you had tooth decay. You were brushing your teeth when suddenly a permanent tooth fell off because of the decay thus, losing that perfect smile. It looks like you’re going to need it replaced, and the only way to replace a permanent tooth is an implant.

Dental Implants

Inadequate oral hygiene practices remain a common cause for tooth loss among American adults, however there are others who lose teeth by other means, like abscess, injury, or accident. Using teeth to bite hard objects like metal products put too much stress on the teeth leading to fractures and tooth loss, for example. Rough, physical sports like football or basketball can also be a cause of tooth loss.

For those interested in getting dental implants in Philadelphia, it is a procedure wherein the dentist replaces your tooth root, or the lower parts of your tooth that hold it in position in your jaw. Unlike crowns or braces, implanted teeth are more or less as strong and lasting as natural teeth, and require just as much care as well.

An example of a Philadelphia dental implant involves a titanium tooth root installed in the socket of your lost tooth that needs to be healed up to 12 weeks. Then, the dentist will make your new tooth by creating impressions of your bite, which shall be matched to the color of your natural teeth. Once the new tooth is in place, your artificial tooth will blend perfectly with your original teeth, thus, bringing back your smile.

Most professional dentists plan out the procedures first with their colleagues to know the right implant for your teeth. Natural dentists like Gerald Regni, DMD also consider other health issues that might have led to you losing your teeth, like an underlying heart or stomach condition. This holistic approach allows the patients to be treated not only at the dental level, but more comprehensively by finding out the real root cause of the oral problems.

As mentioned earlier, dental implants require the same oral health care as real teeth like regular check-ups and proper brushing. It would therefore help to keep the implant tooth’s longevity by avoiding using your teeth for anything other than chewing or eating food, such as opening lids and other hard objects, or biting your nails. Keep your implant tooth healthy just like you would your real ones.

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