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Enhancing Teeth from a Professional Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist

By Gerald Regni, DMD on February 19, 2015

An attractive smile always puts people in a good mood and creates a cordial environment among strangers. Cosmetic dentistry has a lot to offer individuals who aspire to have this natural smile with beautiful and healthy teeth. Cosmetic dentists help those who have crooked, missing, and yellowed teeth build up their confidence through various treatments and oral care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A professional Philadelphia cosmetic dentist, who also practices holistic dentistry, for example, would be able to inform you of the proper procedure for your teeth while giving you advice on the lifestyle that could be specifically right for you. From simple repairs to major implants, cosmetic dentists use their knowledge to help you achieve a beautiful smile while also addressing your oral health concerns.

Oral treatments vary in the way they address a specific dental problem. Bleaching, for example, is a common procedure to whiten discolored teeth and may be performed in a dental clinic or at home with over-the-counter products. Despite the wide availability, however, note that it is still recommended to leave this process to the hands of actual professionals—the dentists. Contouring procedures, meanwhile, repair crooked or chipped teeth.

Experienced dentists like a cosmetic dentist from Philadelphia will give a heads-up to their patients on the proper treatment or technique to solve their basic oral issues. For more complicated ones, however, a thorough assessment will have to be made to ensure that the chosen procedure will be what the most viable option available to the patient is. Whatever decision the dentist will make will then be based ultimately on the findings from said assessment.

Dentists like Gerald Regni, DMD are fortunately knowledgeable not only in general dentistry but also in the cosmetic and holistic practice. With their expanded consideration of what makes a truly healthy dental visit, they are also more conscious of which dental materials are right for a patient’s unique body type and will not be harmful to the body. Patients, therefore, can rest assured knowing that they are not only getting the right treatment for their oral concerns, but that they are also kept safe and healthy overall with the natural and holistic treatments their dentist applies, too.

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