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Dental Emergency? Get the Help of an Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia

By Gerald Regni, DMD on February 18, 2015

Dental emergencies happen all the time and people have had broken teeth, objects stuck in their teeth, and even knocked-out teeth. Preventive measures may be taken to avoid damaged, infected, or knocked-out teeth, but in case one of these happens, an emergency dentist in Philadelphia can help out and address the dental emergency in a timely manner.

Surviving Dental Emergencies

According to an article in Health News Digest, “dental problems involving gum and tooth infections“ are the most common reasons for ER visits. Gum disease and infections can be avoided with regular trips to the dentist but “Many people wait until it's too late to get the help they need, because they are unaware of the dangers of dental infections to their overall health.”

While getting emergency care is important, there are certain things you can do for a quick remedy if you can’t see the dentist right away. The most common dental emergencies involve chipped teeth, broken teeth, lost fillings, and objects stuck in between teeth.

One of the first things that should be done is to gently and thoroughly rinse the mouth with warm water. This, along with flossing, may be enough to remove stuck objects between teeth. If not, it is best to wait for the dentist to do the job instead of using force, as this could lead to even worse problems.

If a tooth has been broken or chipped, the pieces must be saved and rinsed with warm water as well. The same is true for knocked out teeth. A gauze should be applied until the bleeding stops. While the chipped off or broken pieces may not be replaced or repaired, they could give the dentist a clue on the extent of the damage and how best it can be resolved.

While first aid actions may be taken to prevent swelling or stop the bleeding, these problems are best addressed by a reliable emergency dentist in Philadelphia and elsewhere. Patients should not take drastic steps, such as using Superglue to reattach chipped teeth, as these could only make matters worse, and make the damage worse than it already is.

Dentists, such as Gerald Regni, DMD, are ready and available around-the-clock for patients who are suddenly confronted with a dental emergency. They are well-experienced in different dental procedures, and welcome those who are in need of immediate care.

(Source: Surviving Dental Emergencies: Steps to Stay Calm and Survive, Health News Digest, February 5, 2015)

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