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Patients Just Love Dr. Gerald Regni and the Rest of His Dental Team!

By Gerald Regni, DMD on January 29, 2015

Dental visits have always been dreaded because of the possible pain or discomfort that you could experience as a patient. It doesn’t help that some professionals seem to care only for what you’re paying them. There are a select few practices, however, such as that of Dr. Gerald Regni, which can turn those negative notions around. Check out what patients have been saying about Dr. Regni and his dental team:

“I came in with a broken tooth which needed to be re-built in order to get a proper pit of the crown. Dr. Eisenstein and Larissa were able to rebuild the tooth and the crown fit amazingly. Dr. Eisenstein also took his time to explain to me that my bite was misaligned which was the cause of the issues I was having with the broken molar. Dr. Eisenstein was very knowledgeable and helped me to understand the relationship between my misaligned bite and how it was affecting my jaw, spine and my overall health. I highly recommend Dr. Regni's office for any procedure small or large.”

- Kristine Dicrosta

“Since I had my daughter, who is now 9 months old, I always felt tired. My energy level was so low. I asked Dr. Regni to help me feel more energized. His advice was to take vitamin B12 daily. He also found I was deficient in Iodine so I have been applying Iodine drop on my skin daily. Since then, I've never felt better. I'm more energized and I just feel good! Thank you Dr. Regni!!!”

- Nichole D’Adamo

“I have mercury fillings removed and replaced with a less harmful product. I feel more positive and energetic. Good place to come to for dental work. I'll tell everyone I know, even people I don't know about Dr. Regni.”

- Herbert Brown Jr.

“Holistic Dental care is very important to me and Dr. Regni's office is top notch. They are always checking for optimal health, not only for my teeth but my whole body. I Love that.”

- Jennifer Brown

“Although I was anxious about having my amalgam removal fillings removed. Dr. Regni performed a priceless procedure. Again, I just had a deep fillings and the procedure was priceless. Dr. Regni is personable, knowledgeable about dentistry, homeopathy and kinesiology (muscle testing).”

- Elaine Mason

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