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How Dr. Gerald Regni Uses the Principles of Natural/Holistic Dentistry

By Gerald Regni, DMD on January 28, 2015

Serving the Philadelphia area for decades, Dr. Gerald Regni and his staff have always received queries from patients about what natural or holistic dentistry is. Some may have an idea through their research but may not have a full understanding of what philosophies or processes are involved. Learn more about natural/holistic dentistry and how Dr. Regni applies it in his practice.

A Background on Biological Dentistry

Natural/holistic dentistry is otherwise known as Biological Dentistry. A “biological” approach to the treatment of dental patients entails looking for the usual oral health problems, such as decayed teeth and inflamed gums. What’s different is that the dentist takes this as a signal for or a connection to broader health problems in the body, such as dietary or activity inadequacies, or chronic disorders like diabetes and heart ailments.

The dentists in this field also recognize the potential harms from dental procedures using materials or chemicals that can be abundant in toxins. The most popular deviation from other practices is their firm move away from mercury fillings or amalgam restorations. These practitioners recommend removing those possibly toxic materials and replacing them with biocompatible fillings (or using biocompatible materials in the first place).

The biological dentistry tenets may also mingle with naturopathic medicine. Some professionals like Dr. Regni use acupuncture principles to detect the disturbances in the energy flow of a person’s health. He will use the findings to recommend unorthodox but targeted and therapeutic treatments.

How the Principles are Integrated in His Practice

Viewing dental problems as a cue to general deficiencies or deterioration in the body, Dr. Regni carefully constructs treatment plans that are sensitive to those disorders. It will be his priority to resolve your toothaches and gingivitis, perform dental restorations through crowns and fillings, and carry out other general or cosmetic dental procedures. However, he will also recommend nutritional supplements, assess your sleep or exercise patterns, help in improving them, and provide other tips to maintain your oral hygiene and overall health.

Together with his dedicated staff, Dr. Regni won’t simply treat your oral health problems. Instead, he looks at the health of your entire body and treats you comprehensively. Make an appointment for your biological exam by calling 888-296-6746 or submitting an online request. Take the first step, and experience the difference of having a holistic and natural approach to your oral and overall health.

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