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Chipped Teeth? Signs You Need a Cosmetic Dentist from Philadelphia

By Gerald Regni, DMD on December 08, 2014

It is common knowledge that the teeth are the hardest substance in the human body, and rightly so because its primary function is to break down food into smaller particles in preparation for digestion. With the right and regular care, your teeth can last for almost more than a lifetime, yet sometimes these could also wear out because of relentless grinding, constant chewing, and daily brushing (or lack thereof).

What Wears Down Your Teeth

According to WebMD, your teeth are susceptible to chipping or fracture if you’re fond of chewing foods such as a popcorn kernel, hard candy, nuts, or ice. In extreme cases, accidents or injuries can cause a chipped tooth or fracture. Dentists say, however, that chipped teeth are quite uncommon, especially if you happen to bite on something hard the wrong way, and most especially if you’ve already experiencing tooth decay.

Usually, the first telltale sign of a chipped tooth is when you feel something hard on your mouth that does not dissolve. Ideally, you should consult a reliable Philadelphia cosmetic dentist as soon as you can so that he (or she) can assess how bad the damage is. In the meantime, you can take acetaminophen for the pain (only if the chipped tooth causes you pain), go for softer foods, and cover the chipped tooth with wax paraffin or a sugarless chewing gum to avoid it cutting your tongue or the inside of your cheek.

For a chipped tooth, dentists will usually recommend a porcelain veneer to fix it up. As the name suggests, these are medical-grade ceramics resembling the natural appearance of tooth enamel that are placed at the front surface of the teeth. These are usually used for cosmetic dentistry purposes, such as teeth whitening and the like, but they could also correct dental problems such as a chipped tooth.

Invented in the late 1920s by famed Hollywood dentist Dr. Charles Pincus, porcelain veneers have become more realistic-looking, thanks to the latest technologies in the medical field. These are not suitable for everyone, however, for you must first ensure that you have a healthy mouth and have no dental problems such as tooth decay or root canal infection. The only way you could truly determine whether you are qualified for a porcelain veneer or not is through consulting a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia, like Dr. Gerard Regni, DMD.

Having a chipped tooth, like any other dental problem, can always be prevented by regular brushing and avoidance of hard candies. For athletes, it’s advisable to wear mouth guards to avoid sustaining mouth injuries.

(Source: What Wears Down Your Teeth, WebMD)

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