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Philadelphia Dental Implants for Senior Citizens’ Better Oral Health

By Gerald Regni, DMD on November 05, 2014

Certain oral health solutions may be possible only when you have dental implants installed, especially for the elderly. William Hathaway stated in his July 4, 2005 article for the Los Angeles Times:


People with dental implants seem to eat better, be healthier and enjoy life more than people who have a mouth filled with dentures.   Even people with dentures eat more healthful meals if they have just two implants, said Dr. Jocelyne S. Feine, professor of dentistry at McGill University in Montreal, who has studied the health benefits and costs of dental implants.   "Their reactions are phenomenal," Feine said. "It makes such a difference in their lives."   Although technology is making implants easier to perform and the crowns that they support better-looking, their high cost keeps them from the people who might benefit the most - the poor elderly on fixed incomes, Feine said.   Implants - titanium screws inserted in the jaw to provide secure support for dental crowns - should become the standard of care in the United States and Canada, she says.

The situation isn’t different for Philadelphia’s senior community. Studies have indicated that at least 19% of the total population of the city are over 60 years old, and certain factors affect their capability to access dental treatments. If an elderly loved one needs ample support to bolster his/her oral health, have him/her scheduled for dental implants with Philadelphia dentists like Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD.

Teeth No More?

One problem besetting seniors is that they face the dangers of edentulism – or the near-total loss of teeth – in their later years. This may lead an elderly person to request for total teeth extraction from his/her dentist and to simply have dentures instead. This option, however, could be dangerous as it reduces the remaining jawbone mass and also gives the person a sunken-face appearance.

The dentures tend to slip as well and opens the elderly to the risk of choking. Furthermore, giving soft food to the elderly to adapt to his/her dentures may not be helpful in his/her nutritional needs.

The Backstop

A dentist like Dr. Regni offers solutions centered on dental implants. By providing quality dental implants in Philadelphia, he can help seniors with their oral health problems. For instance, a set of implants can serve as the foundation for a partial or full denture by merging with the jawbone. Implants can work for a single tooth, too, as part of a crown to be placed on top.

The high quality of oral care during the advanced years can never be emphasized enough. All it takes is enlisting an experienced dental practitioner to help you and your elderly family member.

(Source: Costly, yes, but dental implants may be better, LA Times, 4 July 2005)

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