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A Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia can Straighten Your Crooked Teeth

By Gerald Regni, DMD on November 04, 2014

There are ways to put crooked or buck teeth back on track – sometimes without orthodontic solutions. An article in the dental information site Dentistry Net has more on this:


Bonding is an uncomplicated treatment within dentistry for repairing slightly damaged or cracked teeth. It is also a painless procedure that provides a positive cosmetic solution as well. Bonding can also (be) used to fill gaps between teeth, align crooked teeth, cover minor cracks and repair tooth decay to a limited extent. As with most medical issues, the sooner the problem is identified the more likely a solution can be found. This means regular visits to your dentist and routine brushing and flossing as often as possible.

Many dental practitioners do not lack in educating people against ignoring crooked teeth. The potential consequences of inaction include improper chewing, low self-esteem, and higher difficulty to clean teeth due to tight spaces that could not be reached. For crooked teeth problems, you need specialized support from a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia like Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD.

Dental bonding involves mixing a resin with quartz and applying it onto the marked areas of the teeth for immediate shaping through a sculpting tool or laser light device. The object is to have a resin solution that matches the exact shade of the teeth.

During consultation

The initial consultation session would involve a full overview of both teeth sets. Crooked teeth could be in several jagged yet unsightly permutations. For example, one tooth may jut out from the upper set while another is slightly behind its supposed position, and its two adjacent teeth are closer together.

Your other teeth habits and the acidity levels of the teeth would also be the basis to determine if you’re eligible for dental bonding or other corrective procedures. Some dental practitioners state that consuming food or drinks with acidic substances, or suffering from a case of teeth grinding, affects the bonding composite’s effectiveness.

There are advantages to undergoing a dental bonding session with a Philadelphia cosmetic dentistry practitioner like Dr. Regni. The treatment itself can cover several teeth in one sitting. If your teeth is stained to a degree, however, your dentist may recommend installing porcelain veneers instead.

(Source: How Bonding Can Fix Crooked and Broken Teeth, Dentistry Net)

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