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Call on a Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia to Treat Damaged Teeth

By Gerald Regni, DMD on October 09, 2014

Who would’ve thought that an errant rock in a bowl of salad could lead to a 7 figure lawsuit? Certainly not the management of a famous New York restaurant, which is being sued by a fashion model for allegedly causing her to lose jobs.

Model sues Public restaurant-claiming a stone in her salad cracked her teeth-damaged her career

The New York Daily News reports on this incident:

A Manhattan model says a stone in her salad disrupted her career by cracking two teeth and bloating her picture-perfect face.

Carolina Rommel filed a million-dollar lawsuit against the trendy Nolita eatery Public, describing a dental disaster from October 2011 that has caused her to lose out on modeling projects [...]

While a seven-digit lawsuit may not be the usual outcome of similar dental accidents, it nonetheless demonstrates just how far reaching the effects of tooth damage can get. Chips, cracks, and tooth fractures aren’t considered “minor” injuries, needing the immediate attention of an experienced dentist.

Damaged teeth can have repercussions to one’s overall health, as it can make chewing a lot more difficult, if not painful. If not properly treated, it can also lead to a bacterial infection of the pulp tissue, which could spread to the surrounding bones and gums.

In addition to this, damaged teeth can be highly unsightly, and can cause facial deformities, as Rommel claims has happened to her. Philadelphia residents who may have gone through similar dental emergencies will benefit from the services of a renowned Philadelphia cosmetic dentist like Dr. Gerald Regni. Not only can such a professional treat the condition to prevent infections, he can also come up with solutions to help restore the victim’s appearance.

A cracked tooth can be fixed using a dental crown or a bridge if the damage doesn’t extend into the pulp. If it does, then a root canal treatment may be needed before any dental restoration.

If the crack goes beyond the gum line, saving the tooth might no longer be feasible, and an extraction may be in order. If a tooth abscess is also present, the dentist could prescribe antibiotics.

People don’t even have to accidentally bite on a small rock to need the immediate services of a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia. Simply skipping regular checkups, a teeth-grinding habit (a.k.a. bruxism), or even the excessive use of whitening toothpastes can lead to tooth damage.

A number of studies also indicate that certain medications, like antihistamines and oral contraceptives, can hinder saliva production, making teeth more susceptible to damage.

Constant vigilance and proper care are perhaps the best tools against tooth damage; but in case it does happen, a skilled cosmetic dentist may be counted on to preserve one’s looks and smile.


(Source: Model sues Public restaurant, claiming a stone in her salad cracked her teeth, damaged her career, New York Daily News, September 22, 2014)

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