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Philadelphia Emergency Dentist: gives Immediate Assistance to Patients

By Gerald Regni, DMD on October 08, 2014

Sometimes, even the most mundane activities could lead to some form of damage in one’s teeth. For instance, participating in sports, doing indoor or outdoor activities, and even eating could result in tooth loss or other tooth-related accidents. Residents of Philadelphia who might experience such accidents can learn from an article in World Dental, which says that seeking immediate medical assistance would be the right course of action:

Any injury to teeth or gums can be serious and should not be ignored. Injuries to soft tissues of the oral cavity like the gums and surrounding areas can damage nerves or blood vessels permanently. There are greater chances of getting infections if the blood supply is reduced and hence it may result in life threatening conditions. It’s better to treat a dental injury or resolve dental pain as soon as possible to avoid any fatal condition.
In the event of tooth damage, the article suggests ways to address the emergency.

10 Signs That You Need to call an Emergency Dentist

Clean your mouth

For broken or aching teeth, it would be wise to clean your mouth and the area surrounding the afflicted teeth. When your tooth gets knocked out, it would be best to visit a professional Philadelphia emergency dentist such as Dr. Gerald Regni to set an appointment immediately. It is important to have a dentist check you right after a tooth has been dislodged because the successful re-implanting of that tooth relies on how soon you can be operated on. An emergency dentist should have all the necessary equipment within his/her facility to address the problem and start the procedure.

Locate and store the tooth

Before you schedule an emergency appointment with the dentist of your choice, it’s also important for you to locate the dislodged tooth and to store it properly for the upcoming operation. Professionals suggest placing the tooth back in your mouth, or submerging it in milk or a saline solution.

Be calm

Amidst pain and internal panic, one key behavior you should always exercise in a scenario like this is to be calm and collected. As much as a broken tooth hurts, it would still be best to gather yourself and visit an emergency dentist in the Philadelphia area to address the problem as soon as possible.


(Source: 10 Signs that you Need to call an Emergency Dentist, World, January 26, 2010)

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