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Dental Implants in Philadelphia Mitigate the Effects of Tooth Loss

By Gerald Regni, DMD on September 11, 2014

Philadelphia is home to some fantastic attractions, including the biggest urban park in the U.S., award-winning cuisines, and renowned art galleries. Many of those who visit or live in the city adopt a dynamic lifestyle that reflects in their smiles and laughter. Sadly, those with dental imperfections have trouble smiling or laughing because they’re not confident of their teeth’s appearance.


Tooth loss is among the many dental imperfections that hinder a Philly resident or visitor from wearing a gorgeous smile. You can lose a tooth or teeth from severe tooth decay or through trauma. If not addressed right away, tooth loss can spawn various other dental issues aside from an unattractive appearance. contributor Nayda Rondon identifies the bad effects of tooth loss.

The consequences of tooth loss can be dire and may include the following:
  • Mental anxiety
  • Changes in facial features, loss of bone and gum tissue, trouble eating and speaking, poor nutrition
  • Self-consciousness, dissatisfaction with appearance and loss of confidence
  • Pain, distress and relaxation problems
  • Social embarrassment and isolation (Edentulous people may feel embarrassed about their appearance and not want to go out and engage in social interaction and activities. In addition, edentulous people often have to face stereotypical perceptions of being poor, uneducated and/or unhygienic.)
In most cases, tooth replacement is the only way to mitigate the effects of tooth loss. There are two popular restorative devices that can be used—removable partial dentures and dental implants. The latter is considered the better alternative by dental professionals because of its durability and strength. A dental implant by Philadelphia dentists and those in other areas not only restores a person’s smile, but also his oral digestive functions, thanks to an implanted root which provides the strength to chew food properly.

With dental implants from Philadelphia, the teeth that are adjacent to the lost tooth will be thwarted from moving toward the gap. This allows retention of the teeth’s alignment, preventing possible problems that can only be fixed by orthodontic treatments. Additionally, a gap caused by a lost tooth will also affect speech, as the air flowing in and out of the mouth is rerouted to the empty space.

Many dental professionals like Gerald Regni, DMD recommend dental implants for a long-lasting result. The permanence of this restorative device allows users to clean and take care of their teeth and mouth the natural way. However, special care for the dental implant is needed since it is made of synthetic material. If you want to restore your beautiful smile for good, a dental implant can be your best bet.

(Source: Edentulism: Causes and Consequences of Tooth Loss,

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