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A Dentist in Philadelphia Can Help You Keep Those Sparkling Whites

By Gerald Regni, DMD on September 08, 2014

Did you know that some of the food you are eating is responsible for making your teeth lose their pearly white color? According to dental experts, some of the food we eat on a daily basis cause teeth stains and other damages.

Stain Teeth

An article in Everyday Health lists down twelve of these teeth-staining foods, including tomato based sauces, condiments such as soy sauce and Balsamic vinegar, popsicles, and beverages like coffee, tea, soda and wine. These food items share properties that are known to be harmful to teeth: intensely colored, acidic, and flavorful.

While most of the food types and beverages mentioned are not necessarily unhealthy, moderate consumption of these products is vital to mitigate their latent effect in staining one’s teeth. But it can be quite a challenge to control what food is eaten and what beverages are sipped on a daily basis, as most of these are readily available almost anywhere – coffee, for instance, is widely considered to be the lifeblood of most office workers. Coffee, however, is highly acidic and pigmented. The acid weakens the enamel and the dark color of the drink seeps into teeth.

Dentists say that the staining qualities of these foods and beverages get stronger the longer the stains remain on teeth. Thus, it is important for stained teeth to be treated as soon as possible before the damage becomes irreparable.

Those in and around the City of Brotherly Love who are unable to avoid these food items and want to have their stained teeth fixed can rely on the services of skilled dentist in Philadelphia such as Dr. Gerald Regni. These professionals perform treatments that can restore the luster of teeth, and even turn them three to four shades whiter.

Dental practitioners often start the treatment by conducting a quick and thorough teeth and gum cleaning. Afterwards, the actual teeth whitening treatment is done with the use of a teeth-whitening gel that seeps into the enamel. A more thorough whitening process makes use of laser and chemical activation technology to get to the dentin, or the inner layer of the tooth, to get rid of deep-seated stains. The whole process is generally painless and lasts for 45 minutes, depending on the severity of the affected areas.

People living in greater Philadelphia who want to ensure that their teeth remain white and sparkly should cut back on teeth-staining food and drinks. Regular care from an experienced Philadelphia dentist, however, will allow them to indulge in their daily cup of coffee without fear of darkening their smiles.

(Source: 12 Foods That Stain Teeth, Everyday Health)

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