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How Philadelphia Dental Implants are Installed and why They’re Needed

By Gerald Regni, DMD on July 28, 2014

Losing teeth doesn’t just mean losing a smile. It also means difficulty in eating and speaking as well as bone degradation in the jaw, among other problems. However, not everyone who loses a tooth automatically qualifies for having a dental implant in Philadelphia and other cities. Dentists like Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD caution the public that not everyone can qualify for it.

effects of tooth loss

Simpler than it looks

Simply put, dental implants are about inserting a small metal tube into the patient’s jawbone through the gums to which a prosthetic tooth is attached. The new tooth will look and feel as natural as can be once the process is complete in a matter of weeks. With proper maintenance and care, the tooth should last a lifetime.


While some patients get dental implants because of tooth loss due to accident or negligence, others simply want to improve their smile for the sake of their overall looks. Missing teeth can pose some health risks, as described by dental professionals Michael Skinner and Jason Primm in an article about tooth loss in

"The connections between a tooth … create and preserve the size and shape of the bone. Bone needs the stimulation of the tooth roots to maintain its form, density, and strength. Scientific studies have proven that the normal chewing forces that are transmitted from the teeth to the bone of the jaw are what preserves the bone and keeps it strong. … a tooth is necessary both to the development of the bone around the tooth, and is also necessary for the stimulation of this bone to maintain its strength, density and shape. The loss of all of the teeth slowly, but eventually, leads to jaws with almost complete bone loss."
Who’s NOT qualified?

For obvious reasons, patients with any kind of bone loss disorder are not qualified, unless a bone graft procedure is performed. Those with gum disease and poor oral hygiene will not be considered, as bacteria in the mouth will eat away at bones and tissue which are critical to the implant’s success.

Go with the Pros

Only a certified professional can take the anxiety out of getting dental implants from Philadelphia dental practitioners like Dr. Regni. Talk to such practitioners today to know if you’ve got something to smile about.

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