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Informed Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist Advocates Mercury-free Fillings

By Gerald Regni, DMD on July 25, 2014

For years, Diane Meyer suffered from countless sicknesses, only to find out that the cause was the mercury contained in her teeth's amalgam or “silver fillings”. It took several trips to various doctors to find this out. In an article for, writer JD Heyes discusses how Diane battled her mysterious ailments without losing focus.

"As a child, Meyer said she received eight silver fillings in all. And she said that, over the years, the mercury they contained have led to a health nightmare that she says she has only recently overcome. As she grew into adulthood, Meyer herself wound up graduating from dental school, ironically enough. But her medical problems would persist for years thereafter."
Practicing what she preaches

As soon as Diane discovered the source of her discomfort, she immediately purged herself of mercury fillings. She has since become a practitioner of holistic dentistry and operates a holistic healthcare practice in Illinois. Diane has also taken her advocacy a step further by offering removal of mercury fillings and testing for dental toxicity.

a holistic dentist talks about her nightmare with mercury

Feeling and looking great

Much like Diane Meyer, a skilled cosmetic dentist from Philadelphia like Dr. Gerald Regni utilizes biocompatible dental composite fillings, which are both safe for the patient and aesthetically pleasing. Mostly referred to as “white fillings”, this material is gaining popularity and is preferred by most because it can be shaped to resemble real teeth.

Practical solution for missing teeth

For cases involving tooth loss, dentists like Dr. Regni utilize titanium or non-metal zirconia implants which are screwed into the jaw to serve as “posts” to which replacement teeth will be anchored. The replacement teeth are then fashioned by the dentist out of biocompatible material, and then carefully fastened to the “posts”. This doesn’t just help the patients get their smile back; it also helps them regain their self-esteem.

It costs nothing to ask

Whether you’re consulting a capable Philadelphia cosmetic dentist or a dentist from your hometown, rest assured they’d be happy to sit down with you for a consultation. You'll never know what can be done for you unless you ask, so ask away and know that you’ll be given the best option.

(Article Excerpt and Image from A holistic dentist talks about her nightmare with mercury,, April 1, 2014)

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