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Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia for Sports-related Dental Injuries

By Gerald Regni, DMD on July 24, 2014

Philadelphia offers a slew of summer sports camps for all kids of different ages. Whether kids dream of tackling for the Eagles or batting for the Phillies, there’s bound to be a training center for them. However, writer Suzanne Koup-Larsen suggests parents and coaches should promote wearing mouth guards as protection during sports activities.

"The American Dental Association recommends wearing mouth guards for acrobatics, basketball, boxing, field hockey, football, gymnastics, handball, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, racquetball, roller hockey, rugby, shot putting, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, soccer, squash, surfing, volleyball, water polo, weightlifting and wrestling.

Baseball and softball are not on this list, but perhaps they should be. Some doctors and dentist urge athletes to wear mouth guards in any sport where there is a good chance to collide with a ball, a piece of equipment or another player."

At times though, it’s really no easy feat for parents or coaches to convince children to wear mouth guards. Some of these budding athletes think it’s ‘uncool’ to wear such a thing, while some simply find it too uncomfortable. Those who don’t wear mouth guards have to watch out for dental injuries and rely on a skilled emergency dentist in Philadelphia for treatment.

why mouth guards matter


Injuries that involve broken or chipped teeth fall under the category of fracture. Fractures normally result in bleeding, making it necessary for those affected to gently bite on a towel to minimize the blood flow. Fortunately, as long as the tooth fragments were recovered and transported properly, a Philadelphia emergency dentist can restore the broken or chipped tooth.

If restoration isn’t possible, an alternative is dental veneers. Here, a thin shell is attached to the front part of the damaged tooth. Veneers are typically made from composite resin or porcelain. The latter option though will require at least two dental visits to accomplish.


Knocked out teeth falls under this category of dental injury. If the avulsed tooth is somewhere in sight, people must remember to handle it by the crown, not by the root. A dentist will examine the area and determine whether the tooth can be reimplanted.

If reimplantation isn’t viable, another option is dental implants. These are artificial tooth roots implanted into the jaw to serve as the foundation for a new tooth. This procedure is only possible, however, when there is sufficient bone to support the posts.

This summer, aspiring young athletes should consider using mouth guards. Refusing to do so will make them prone to dental injuries. Fortunately, an established family dentist like Gerald Regni, DMD can treat dental emergencies like chipped or knocked out teeth.

(Source: Why Mouth Guards Matter,, February 2011)

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