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Natural Looking Teeth and Smile with Dental Implants in Philadelphia

By Gerald Regni, DMD on March 19, 2014

Natural degeneration of body parts is inevitable. Deterioration of the oral structures inevitably may need dental replacement for the restoration of functions. compares the benefits of dentures and dental implants and their importance to seniors, where the latter may offer more advantages.

Dental implants offer many of the advantages for seniors that dentures do and more. With dental implants, the teeth are individually replaced and attached directly to the jaw bone so that they feel and look like real teeth.


The patient has a better looking smile, more confidence, a greater ability to chew foods, and implants can help prevent issues like TMJ due to the misalignment of teeth in the mouth. Dental implants, once in place, can last the entire lifetime of the senior without requiring replacement.

Not all people, the elderly, in particular, can qualify for implants. Before getting dental implants in Philadelphia, your cosmetic dentist will thoroughly check the bone structure beneath the gums. A strong gum structure is necessary to support the appliance. Besides weak bone support, other factors that may exclude you from getting dental implants include conditions like pregnancy or being under certain medications like steroids.

If a dental implant is approved for you, subsequent visits for comprehensive diagnostics or imaging, fitting, and surgical placement will be scheduled. A single implant is recommended for a missing tooth; bridges and dentures are ideal for several broken or missing teeth.

The materials used for implants, such as titanium or non-metal zirconia, are biocompatible and highly durable. “Biocompatible” materials imply that sensitivity issues are considered and that adverse reactions to the materials may be minimal.

Dental implants also mimic the functions of the roots of natural teeth. What makes a dental implant in Philadelphia stable for years is that the device actually helps strengthen the bones along the jaw. An expert in dental implants like Dr. Gerald Regni knows the value of this bone-strengthening benefit over conventional dentures and other tooth replacement methods. With a prudent choice of treatment and comprehensive professional planning, adults with dental implants are bound to be satisfied with their natural looking teeth and lasting smiles.

(Source: Dentures vs Implants: Which Are Best for Seniors,, December 30, 2013)

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